- World Youth Gathering in Tokyo Japan.
- Seminar on learning organization at National Headquarters attended by 26 members from 16 State Associations.
- Review Workshop on strategic Planning Vision 2013 at BS&G, National Headquarters, New Delhi.
- Regional Youth Forum (Eastern Region) at E. Rly. State STC, Madhupur.
- World Scout Seminar on Partnership organized at Doddi Resort Bangalore. Sixty participants from 35 countries participated. Dr. Marie Louise Correa, Chairman, World Scout Committee and Dr. Eduardo Missoni, General Secretary WOSM graced the seminar.
- A Get-together camp arranged at Besant Park Dodaballapur, Bangalore.
- Dr. Missoni, General Secretary, WOSM visited National Headquarters and National Youth Complex, Gadpuri.
- Rover/Ranger Moot at STC, Tanhril, Mizoram.
- Regional Level Cub/Bulbul Utsav (Western Region).
- Mini Jamboree (Southern Region) at STC, Alathur, Kerala.
- Regional Level Cub Bulbul Utsav at STC, Jedimetla (A.P.)
- 75th Anniversary of WAGGGS celebrated at STC, Nizammudin, New Delhi.
- III APR Advance Management Course.
- Upa-Rashtrapati Rover/Ranger Award Rally and Award distribution Ceremony.
- National Rover/Ranger Samagam.
- The XV All India Jamboree of Bharat Scouts & Guides at Haridwar Uttarachal Pradesh.

- IV SAARC & VII Bangladesh Jamboree held at Morchak, Distt. Ghazipur, New Dhaka, Bangladesh.
- ‘Spirit of Adventure’ Seminar organized by WAGGGS at Sangam Centre Pune.
- International Gathering on Environment organized in Sharjah UAE.
- First Conference of Commissioners of North East Region.
- ‘Holistic Living’ Programme was organized at Sangam Centre, Pune.
- SAJ Invitation Progarmme 2003-2004 organized by the Scout Association of Japan to promote International understanding and friendship.
- First APR Seminar on ‘Learning Organisation (S)’ was held at B.P. International Home, HongKong.
- XIII Pakistan National Jamboree held at Islamabad. A contingent of 121 Scouts and leaders of Bharat Scouts & Guides participated under the leadership of Sh. N.A. Khan, Chief Commissioner (S).
- Special SAARC Integration Camp conducted at Gulmarg, J&K
- Action in the Community Programme organized at Sangam Pune
- XXIV Asia Pacific and XI Korean Jamboreee held.
- XII World Scout Moot was held at Taiwan. Production cum Training Centre opened at National Youth Complex, Gadpuri.
- Chairman, World Board, WAGGGS Mrs. Kirsty Gray visited Delhi.
- II APR Unit Leader Round Table was conducted in Bangladesh. Its theme was ‘Back to the Troop’.
- APR Workshop on activermation Communication Technology was organized in Japan.
- Workshop on Heritage Proficiency was held in BS&G State Hqtrs. Tamilnadu.
- National Council elects Shri Rameshwar Thakur as the President and Sh. L. M.Jain as the National Commissioner.
- National Level Rover Moot, Srilanka held.
- XXI APR Scout Conference organized at Brunei Darussalam.
- Relief Service rendered by the Bharat Scouts & Guides State Association & National Headquarters to help Tsunami affected families.

- SAARC Scout/Guide Friendship Camp organized in Maldives. 22 Scouts & Guides from India attended.
- First Golden Arrow Badge Award Rally held at National Headquarters, New Delhi.
- Strategic Planning Workshop was organized in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Regional Scouts.
- First Workshop on Heritage Badge held at Southern Rly. State Trg. Centre, Mandapam .
- Indian Guides participated in the Draig-y-Coed International Camp organized by the Girl Guide Association of U.K.
- Indian Guide Leaders attended International Peace Camp organized by the Girl Scouts of Korea.
- Rajan Jim held at Kandy Srilanka.
- Thirteen Guides with three leaders from India participated in Anglia- Bridge 2003 U.K.
- First International Seminar on ‘Resource Development’ conducted by APR Scout Bureau at Jakarta.
- Seminar on ‘Images of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouts’.
- APR Development Workshop (Guide Wing) in Korea.
- Training and Re-orientation Programme for the Scout and Guide unit leaders held at National Headquarters by the BS&G for Iodine Deficiency Awareness.
- APR Workshop on Public Relations, activermation Communication Technology and Marketing conducted.
- Forty Fourth APR Basic Management Course held at Jaipur.
- Children of Today – Citizens of Tomorrow event organized at Sangam, Pune.
- APR Workshop on ‘Risk & Safety’ conducted in Singapore attended by 45 Scout Leaders from 10 countries.
- Big seven & UNICEF Workshop on ‘the involvement of youth in Decision Making’, held in Geneva, Switzerland.
- Golden Jubilee Meeting of the National Council of the Bharat Scouts & Guides held in National Headquarters, New Delhi
- APR Workshop on the Promotion of Rover Scouting
- First Rashtarpati Scout Testing Camp of Scouts was held at Indian School Salabah Amman. Sh. Aroop Sarkar, ROC, Northern Region conducted the camp.

XX World Scout Jamboree held at Sattahip, Thailand.

- First Lady of Land Smt. Usha Naryanana met the Guide Leaders and was presented ‘Silver Elephant’ the prestigious award of Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- XIV National Jamboree of the Bharat Scouts & Guides held at Raipur.
- National Seminar on Adult Resource Policy held at National Headquarters New Delhi.
- National Level Seminar & Workshop on Community Development held at National Youth Complex, Gadpuri, Haryana.
- National Level former Rashtrapati Scouts/Guides, Rovers/Rangers Forum organized at NYC, Gadpuri.
- XXXI World Conference of WAGGGS held at Manila, Philippines. A six member team of Indian Guides participated in it.
- XXXVI World Scout Conference held at Thessaloniki, Greece. The participation of the Bharat Scouts & Guides was maximum as compared to the earlier conferences.
- X Indian Railway Jamborettee was held at Hubli, Karnataka.
- National Tribal Scouts & Guides Meet was held at Shaheed Veer Narayan Singh Nagar, WRS Railway Colony Raipur Chattisgarh.

- First North East Mini Jamboree was held at the N.E.F. Rly. Complex, Maligaon, Assam.
- Indian Guides participated in the VII APR Guide Conference at Brunei Darussalam.
- Rover/Ranger Samagam was held at the Kendriya Vidyalaya (Uttaranchal) Landsdowne. 251 Rovers and Rangers from 19 states took part in it.
- APR Leader Trainer Course was conducted at the NTC, Pachmarhi
- Special Scout/Guide National Camp was conducted at STC, Nizamuddin, New Delhi during the APR Regional Scout Conference.
- III APR Youth Forum was organized at Besant Park, STC, Dodabalpur Karnataka.
- XX Asia Pacific Regional Scout Conference held at Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi

- Himalayan Trekking, coastal trekking, desert trekking and skating tour were organized for the first time.
- The Golden Jubilee Jamboree of the Bharat Scouts & Guides was held at Thorapakkam (Chennai). Over 10,000 Scouts & Guides participated in it.
- Twinning Projects such as HAPI; Summer Camp to motivate youths towards Gandhian Philosophy, Seminar on ‘Towards a Youth Policy’ organized in collaboration with Urvi Vikram Trust, ‘Clean UP The World’ in collaboration with Australian High Commission, ‘Ground Water Awareness Project’, ‘Iodized Deficiency Awareness Programme’, ‘Heritage Proficiency Project’ etc. were undertaken.
- Bharat Scouts & Guides Parliamentary Union envisaged Scout/Guide organization in the Indian schools in other countries (Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc) promoted.
- Scouts & Guides Units in the Tibetan schools were affiliated to Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- Golden Jubilee Grameen Rover/Ranger & Tribal Scout/Guide held at National Camping Complex Gadpuri.
- BS&G Flag day celebrated.
- The Golden Jubilee Millennium National Integration Rally organized at STC, Nizammudin, New Delhi.
- Bunny Scheme was approved and adopted by the National Council of the Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- Forty Third APR Basic Management Course was held at National Headquarters, New Delhi.
- First Jamboree of the Former Rashtrapati Scouts /Guides /Rovers /Rangers organized by the West Bengal State of Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- New twinning projects undertaken such ‘Leprosy Eradication Programme’ in collaboration with the BBC, World Service Trust.
- Shiksha Yatra organized to promote ‘Fundamental Rights of the Child’ in collaboration with the ‘South Asia Coalition on Child Servitude.’
- Relief services were rendered to the earthquake victims in Gujarat.

- XII World Conference of International Scout & Guide Fellowship held.
- First International Adventure Programme organized.
- Indian delegation took part in the XXX World Scout Conference.
- Money & material relief was given to the cyclone victims of Orissa.
- Disaster Preparedness Cell was opened at National Headquarters & the Bharat Scouts & Guides was nominated to the Advisory Council (Disaster Preparedness) of the Ministry of Agriculture Govt. of India)
- Indian contingent took part in the World Guide Conference.
- Scouts & Guides participated in the Millennium pledge taking ceremony.

- Scouting in Bhutan gained Momenturn. First Basic Master’s Course was conducted.
- A Training Course of Peer Scout Leaders held.

- II APR Adult Resource Management Seminar organized at National Headquarters, New Delhi.
- Golden Jubilee of India’s independence celebrated.
- Special Samman Rally was held at STC, Nizammudin, New Delhi.
- Sh. V. P. Deendayalu Naidu received APR Chairman’s Award

- XIII National and III SAARC Jamboree organized at Khurda Road, Orissa. It was attended by 25000 Scouts & Guides from 40 State Associations and 550 participants came from Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Muscat and Malaysia.

- XXXVI APR Committee of WAGGGS at National Headquarters New Delhi.
- Golden Jubilee of Indian Independence Celebrated.
- Jamboree on the Internet organized at the National Hqtrs.

I APR Advanced Management Course conducted at Bangalore.

- XII National Jamboree held at Palghat (Kerala).
- ‘Dastak Leprosy Eradication Project’ started at Gwalior.
- Upa-Rashtrapati Award launched at Vice-President’s Residence (6, Maulana Azad Road).
- XXXIX APR Basic Management conducted at the National Trg. Centre, Pachmarhi.
- Oral Rehydration Therapy Programme taken up.

- First National Rally of Open Units held.
- XXXVII APR Course for Professional Scouts/Guides Executives conducted.

- An International Seminar on Leprosy Eradication organized in Madras Leprosy Free School Project taken up at Changalpatttu Madras District as a test care.
- The Bharat Scouts & Guides Foundation was established.
- BS&G Fellowship Medal introduced.
- Asia Pacific Branch of the World Scout Organisation presented a plaque of appreciation in recognition of Bharat Scouts & Guides services and activities in fields of health and literacy etc.
- Sardar Lakshman Singh and Dr. S. N. Bharati received Chairman’s Award (APR).
- National Adventure Institute set up.

- For the first time Disaster Management Course was organized by the Bharat Scouts & Guides in New Delhi. 26 persons from 12 states participated.
- First HAM convention held at the National Headquarters, New Delhi. 18 candidates from 9 states attended.

- XI National Jamboree held at BHEL Complex Bhopal. 16,800 Scouts & Guides participated.
- VII APR Gathering of Indian Fellowship of former Scouts & Guides held in New Delhi.
- Two National Seminars and a special exhibition on Leprosy Eradication arranged.

- National Camping Complex Project at Gadpuri takes a shape certificate of Merit (runner up in the World Scout Habitat Competition) awarded to Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- Leprosy eradication included in the revised programme of Scouts & Guides.

- U.N. Peace Messenger Award was given to the Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- Sardar Lakshman Singh, National Commissioner, Bharat Scouts & Guides got Bronze Wolf at the World Scout Conference & Jamboree in Sydney Australia.
- Special Certificate was awarded by the WOSM to the Bharat Scouts & Guides for making secondaryful efforts towards an integrated development programme i.e., constructing a housing colony.
- Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration was given to the Bharat Scouts & Guides.

X Asia Pacific Regional Jamboree was held at Hyderabad.
- First National Conference of the District Level Officers convened.

- X All India Jamboree was organized in Bangalore. It was attended by 10,000 Scouts & Guides. Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Prime Minister of India announced a grant of Rupees one crore for promoting the spirit of national integration.
- Fourteen Point Programme for Scouting & Guiding was approved by the National Council of the Bharat Scouts & Guides.

- Hierarchical changes introduced at the National Headquarters. Director replaced the post of National Secretary and the new set up got the designations of Joint Directors, Dy. Directors and Asstt. Directors in place of the old equivalent designations.
- Community Singing introduced as Mass Movement. Booklets published and audio cassettes prepared. Five community singing courses conducted.

Silver Jubilee of Wood Badge Training at the National Trg. Centre celebrated. A HWB Reunion organized and a plaque was constructed at NTC, Pachmarhi.

IX National Jamboree of the Bharat Scouts & Guides organized at Bodh Gaya (Bihar) attended by 25000 Scouts & Guides.

First National Agnoree held in Delhi. 1000 Scouts & Guides from 18 states took part in it.

Organising Commissioners Meeting was held in New Delhi. It was addressed by Mr. J.P. Silvestre, Regional Director of APR.

- VIII National Jamboree of the Bharat Scouts & Guides held at Marai Malai Nagar (Chennai).
- ‘Reaching the Child’ Project was undertaken.
- Trainers Development Programme was conducted by the Bharat Scouts & Guides in collaboration with the World Scout Bureau.

P. M. Shield winners Rally was held. Shri Morarji Desai, Prime Minister of India distributed awards.

- First Cub and Bulbul Utsav at State Training Centre Nizamuddin Delhi.
- Community Development Seminar cum workshop was organized in Delhi.
- First Holiday Camp for the handicapped children was organized at NTC, Pachmarhi.

Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi consented to inaugurate P.M. Shield Competition. First competition was inaugurated.

Grameen Rangering Pilot Project initiated at Lucknow.

VII National Jamboree of Bharat Scouts & Guides was organized at Faridabad.

First Asia Pacific Regional Seminar for Commissioners and Secretaries organized

Cub/Bulbul year celebrated. Theme of the year was ‘Reaching the Child’

- Scouting/Guiding schemes for rural youths envisaged in U.P., Rajasthan, Karnataka & Madhya Pradesh
- Agricultural cum demonstration project was started at the National Trg. Centre, Pachmarhi.
- Adhoc Committee for Scouting formed in Meghalaya.
- Community Development Seminar cum workshop was organized in New Delhi.
- Silver Jubilee of Independence celebrated – special programmes were organized.
- First meeting of the Executive Committee of Meghalaya Scout Association was held.
- National Integration Camp conducted at NTC, Pachmarhi.
- Office of the Meghalaya State Bharat Scouts & Guides started functioning.

- First Wireless Training Course conducted at National Headquarters
- First All India Scouters & Guiders Seminar held at NTC, Pachmarhi
- The first Scouting camp was conducted this year in Sikkim though the Scout Movement was introduced in the state in the fifties.
- VI National Jamboree organized at Aarey Milk Colony, Bombay
- National Integration Camps Scheme launched.
- First Professional Scouters & Guiders Training Course conducted.
- First National Adult Leaders Trainers Course under the revised scheme held at the National Training Centre, Pachmarhi.
- Influx of refugees over 10 million migrated from East Pakistan following the Indo-Pak war in 1971. West Bengal, Eastern Railway and South Eastern Railway states of Bharat Scouts & Guides opened refugee relief centres.
- Scouting and Guiding projects were started at Salt Lake (Calcutta), Pachampur (Gaya), Mana, Derapathar, Chanda(M.P.) & Dandakarnya Refugee Camps.
- Diamond Jubilee of Girl Guiding in India celebrated.
- Guide Trainers Diamond Jubilee Meet held at Sangam, Pune.
- First Professional Scouters & Guiders Training Centre conducted.
- First National Adult Leader Trainers Course was organized at the National Trg. Centre Pachmarhi.

- Gandhi Centenary celebrated in which nearly 3 lakhs Scouts and Guides were involved in various projects; Gandhi Centenary Badge instituted, competitions, camps, adventure programmes were organized.
- 4 more Amateur Radio stations (Bangalore, Bombay, Gwalior, Calcutta) were set up for our transmission.

- Lady Olave Baden Powell visited India.
- Dr. H. N. Kunzru’s 80th Birthday celebrated. Sir Mac Cleans, Chief Scout of the Common Wealth opened the Kunzru Hall at NTC.
- Mrs. Lakshmi Mazumdar presented the book ‘A Dream Came True’ to Dr. Kunzru.

- State Govt. of Sikkim deputed J.B. Subba, PS. Jargam and Ms. Gayatri Gurang for Scout/Guide Training at NTC, Pachmarhi and National Headquarters, New Delhi.
- Scouts & Guides participated the World Jamboree on Air.
- First JOTA organized at the National Headquarters, New Delhi

- First conference of Rovers & Rangers leaders organized at Udaipur.
- V National Jamboree held at Kalyani (West Bengal).

- Relief and Civil defence services rendered by the Scouts & Guides during the period of war. Scouting & Guiding groups formed in the war refugees camps at Mana, Matia (Assam) Rudrapur (UP).
- Mrs. Lakshmi Mazumdar awarded Padma Shri by the President of India. Mrs. Mazumdar got Wood Badge at Gilwell Park (She is the First Indian and second Lady in the World to get this honour).
- Scout Master and Guide Captain Training given to the Tibetan Refugees youths.
- Scouters & Guiders Training Camps conducted at Melaghar youth hostel at Tripura.
- First Preliminary Scout Masters Training Camp conducted at Kokching of Manipur.
- Scouting & Guiding introduced in Andaman. A committee was formed.

- N.H.Q. Building opened by Dr. Zakir Hussain, Vice President of India & Patron of Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- The first State Scout Masters Camp organized at Passighat, NEFA.
- First Guiders Group started at Passighat NEFA.
- National Seminar on Culture and Values held at National Headquarters building, New Delhi.
- International Seminar on ‘The mutual Appreciation of the Cultural Values of the East and the West’ held at India International Centre, New Delhi.
- IV National Jamboree held at Allahabad.
- A Scout contingent participated in the IV All India Jamboree.

- First All India Guides Seminar held at NTC, Pachmarhi
- Civil Defence Services rendered by the Scouts & Guides during the Indo-Sino war.

- Lady Baden Powell opened the B.P. Memorial Bhawan at NTC, Pachmarhi
- First President’s Scouts & Guides Rally held at Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi

- Dr. S. Radhakrishnan laid the foundation of the National Headquarters Building.
- He was invested with the emblem of the Patron of the Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- Dr. Rajendra Prasad became the Chief Patron of the Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- Lady Olave Baden Powell revisited India
- III National Jamboree of the BS&G held at Bangalore

The First Study Circle of State Org. Commissioners held at Poona XVII World Scout Conference held in New Delhi.

After going through the process of registration the first regular issue of the official magazine. ‘The Bharat Scouts & Guides’ was published in January 1958.

The Executive Committee of the BS&G recognized Zonal Headquarter Associations of the Railways as State Associations of BS&G

- International Commissioner (G) Meeting held in New Delhi.
- II National Jamboree held at Jaipur.
Dr. Rajendra Prasad the first President of India laid the foundation stone of B.P. Memorial Bhawan at NTC, Pachmarhi.

- Official Magazine of BS&G named as ‘BS&G Journal’ started its publication. The announcement issue published.
- Zonal Headquarters of Scouting & Guiding set up in the South Central Railway.

- The Bharat Scouts & Guides is affiliated as a member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
- Smt. Lakshmi Mazumdar attented the XV World Guide Conference in Holland.
- District Organising Commissioners Meeting held at Pachmarhi.

- First regular meeting of the National Council of the Bharat Scouts & Guides held in New Delhi.
- First meeting of the Executive Committee of Bharat Scouts & Guides held in New Delhi.
- Northern Railway Scouts & Guides recognized as a State Association of Bharat Scouts & Guides. It was the first Zonal Organisation of the Railways recognized as a State Association.
- Ms. Dame Leslie Whateley, Director of the World Bureau of Girl Guides visited India.
- I National All India Jamboree of the BS&G organized at Secunderabad (Hyderabad)

- Zonal Headquarters of Scouting and Guiding established in the Eastern, Northern, Eastern Railway
- First Scout Training conducted in Nepal.
- First combined meeting held in the Conference of the Scouters & Guiders.

Seven Zones created in the Indian Railways in 1947-8 and the zonal headquarters of Scouting & Guiding were established in the Western, Southern& Central Railway Headquarters.

The Girl Guide Association merges with BS&G.

The Bharat Scouts & Guides founded.

- Third Meeting of the Merger Committee held.
- General Headquarters Council of the Boy Scout Association met to discuss merger.
- General Council of the Girl Guide Association held its meeting at Lucknow and agreed to merge with the Bharat Scouts & Guides.
- V Triennial Council of the Boy Scout Association convened at Nagpur.
- Merger endorsed in the second meeting of the Council of the Boy Scout Association.
- The Hindustan Scout Association and the Boy Scout Association passed the resolution in their meetings in New Delhi.
- Dr. Hirday Nath Kunzru unfurled the flag in New Delhi.
- National Secretary of the Bharat Scouts & Guides issued a circular declaring the merger.

- Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru passed away. Justice Vivian Bose succeeded him as the Chief Commissioner of the Boy Scout Association.
- Meeting of the Merger Committee held at the Govt. House, New Delhi.
- Headquarters Council of the Boy Scout Association met at Nagpur.
- Second Meeting of the Merger Committee took place.
- Final draft about the merger sent to the Provincial Associations.
- National Council of the Hindustan Scout Association met at Allahabad.

- Merger committee meeting held.
- The Sub Committee of the Merger Committee submitted its report on the functioning of the United Organisation
- Emergency Meeting of the National Council of Hindustan Scout Association convened.
- Merger Committee met at Nagpur in the last week of August
- The Fourth Triennial Conference of the Boy Scout Association held at Nagpur.
- Merger Committee met at the Government House Nagpur.

India became free - Scouts & Guides participated in the celebrations and organized processions, meetings on this historic occasion.

- The Hindustan Scout Association organized a grand Scout Mela at Karachi.
- Indian Scouts & Guides celebrated India’s Independence at the VI World Jamboree at Moisson, France.

Third Triennial Conference of Boy Scout Association held.

- Second All India Triennial Conference of the Boy Scout Association held in New Delhi
- Sir Tej Bahadur Sapru succeeded Nawab Chhatari as the Chief Commissioner of the Boy Scout Association.
- Air Scouting started and the first camp was conducted at the IAF Headquarters, New Delhi.

Pandit Shri Ram Bajpai trained Boy Scouts in air raid protection and established an ARP Training School at Allahabad.
- Bajpaiji organized a 42 day Himalayan Wood Badge Training Camp at Sheetlakhet. He wrote a book on Scouting in rural areas. A training camp of Rural Scout Organisers was conducted by Bajpaiji which was attended by 48 organisers.

Scout Mela of the Hindustan Scout Association was attended by 7000 Scouts. It was inaugurated by Dr. Rajendra Prasad and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru inspected the Scout Rally.

- The second Round Table Conference was organized at Allahabad but the Unity efforts failed.
- The Hindustan Scout Association came into being
- Gandhiji blessed the Boy Scouts of the Hindustan Scout Association at Wardha
- The Boy Scout Association of India which was affiliated with the British Scout Association, London got affiliation from the International Scout Bureau and became an independent organization.

- Lord Baden Powell landed in Bombay on his second visit to India as the Chief Scout. He inaugurated the first formal All India Jamboree of Boy Scouts Association in Delhi.
- B.P. visited a few Indian cities and spent his 80th birthday with his 13/18 Hussar Regiment stationed at Risalpur (NWFP) this was his last visit to India.
- First All India Triennial Conference of the Boy Scout Association convened at the Govt. House New Delhi (now known as the Rashtrapati Bhawan)
- The First Round Table Conference of Boy Scout Association and the Seva Samiti Boy Scout Association was held at Allahabad.

- The First All India Sea Scout Course was conducted at Karwar.
- The Scouts of Boy Scout Association and Seva Samiti Association organized relief camps in Quetta to help earthquake victims.
- Name of the Girl Guide Magazine changed from the ‘Indian Guide News-sheet’ to ‘the Indian Guide.’

Nawab Mohammad Ahmed Saeed Khan of Chhatari nominated as the first Indian Chief Commissioner of the Indian Boy Scout Association.

- Scouts of Seva Samiti and Boy Scouts Association rendered relief services in the earthquake affected areas of Bihar.
- II All India Conference of Boy Scout Association held in New Delhi.

- ‘The Scout Herald’ published in Mizoram.
- First Wolf pack formed in Mizoram.
- Rover Scouting started in Mizoram.
- Col. Wilson Chief of Gilwell Park visited India and conducted Wood Badge Course at Pachmarhi.

Smt. Julie Sen gets the honour of being the first Indian woman to represent the Indian Guides Movement in a world Conference. (VII World Guide Conference in Poland).
- Extension Scouting Units formed in leper asylum at Chander Kauri, Central Provinces.
- Scouting started in South Mizoram (lunglri) by Rev. F. J. Raper a Baptists Missionary. It was the First Scout Troop in Mizoram.

The All India Girl Guide Association become a full fledged member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

First All India Scouters Conference was held in New Delhi which was inaugurated by the Viceroy. It was decided to set up Boy Scout Association’s National Headquarters in New Delhi.

- Scouting was introduced in Indian Railways. First troop was constituted in North western Railway and the Group organizing Committee was given the status of a division. It worked under the Boy Scout Association of Delhi Province.
- Nagpur Scouts established radio contacts from their Camp with the Headquarters with the help of the Nagpur Files.
- All India Scout Rally was organized in Madras in which 4000 Scouts participated. Scouts from Ceylon, too, attended a Scout Rally in India for the first time.

Girl Guides from India took part in the first World Camp at Foxlease, England

- The Seva Samiti Scout Association Organized nine Scout Melas.
- The First All India Girl Guide Camp was held at Ganesh Khind (Poona).
- B.P.’s Book ‘Scouting for Indian Boys’ was published by the Boy scout Association, London.
- Scoutmasters’ Training Camp was conducted at Pachmarhi.

The Executive Committee of the Headquarters of All India Girl Guide Association was named as the General Council.
The first Wood Badge Course was conducted in Calcutta.

- Seva Samiti Scouts Magazine started.
- ‘Sister Scouts’ and ‘Girl Messenger Service’ merged with All India Girl Guide Service.
- Industrial Scouting was started i.e., Scout Troops were formed in industrial units in Nagpur.
- Lord Baden Powell – The Chief Scout and Lady Olave Baden Powell visited India. They went to many cities viz. Bombay, Baroda, Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, Allahabad, Jabalpur, Ranchi, Kharagpur, Kalimpong, Darjeeling, Madras, Calcutta & many other places. He addressed six main conferences and inspected 24 rallies, delivered 20 lectures to Scout Officers and Boy Scouts and gave nine public addresses.

- Lady Abala Bose w/o Shri Jagdish Bose was appointed as the Commissioner for Indian Guides.
- All India Scout Conference convened in Calcutta.
- South India Boy Association merged with Indian Boy Scout Association.

A separate Commissioner for Indian Guides was appointed in Bengal and Mrs. Greeves was the First Commissioner.

The name of Calcutta Boy Scout Association was changed to Bengali Boy Scout League.
- A Handbook on Girl Guiding was published in England which was suitably, modified and a fuller edition was later on published as ‘Girl Guiding in India’.
- Training of the First Scout Troop started at Allahabad.
- The Seva Samiti Boy Scout Association was formally constituted.

The Issue of Scouting was raised in the Imperial Legislative Council by Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya.

- The First Company of Purely Indian Guides was formed in Poona.
- Indian Boy Scout Association was formed and Dr. Annie Basent was its ‘Protector’.
- The Boy Scout Association Madras came into being which later on merged with Dr. Basent’s Indian Boy Scout Association. A new organization was founded. It was named as ‘the South India Boy Scouts’.
- Shri S. C. Mittar collected 25 boys and formed the first Scout Troop in the Southern part of Calcutta.
- The Second Scout Trop was formed in Southern Calcutta.
- Mrs. M. M. Bear was appointed the Chief Commissioner (G) for India.
- By the end of the year Boy Scout Troops were established in Assam, Baluchistan, Bengal, Bihar and Orissa, Hyderabad, NWFP, Punjab, Bombay, Central Province, Madras, Mysore, Rajputana, Sindh and U.P.

- L.G. De Silva started a group of Indian Boys. A. I. Langley Moon founded the Sindh Boy Scout Association.
- Dr. G. S. Arundale established Cadet Corps in the Central Hindu School, Banaras.
- Mrs. M. M. Bear was appointed as the First Chief Commissioner (G) Calcutta.

- The Bengali Boy Scout Association was formed.
- Mr. J. R. Isaac started the Boy Shikari Movement in the Cental Provinces, on the pattern of Scouting.
- Parsee Scouting Society (A Scout Troop) was organized in Bombay. Day Vadnaya Scout Association came into being.

A Girl Guide company was set up in Calcutta within a year the number rose to 16.
- Scout Troops are formed in the Mrs. Annie Basent’s Schools in Banaras and Kanpur.
- Shri Vivian Bose returned from England and started Scout Master’s Training in the Central Provinces.
- Pandit Shri Ram Bajpai organised Bal Seva Dal at Shahjahanpur, U.P.

Brigadier General F.G. Bond was appointed as the Chief Commissioner, Maj. P. Walsh was nominated as the Asstt. Chief Commissioner and Capt. Baker as the General Secretary of the Boy Scout Association.

Govt. Of India’s observations about A.C. Miller’s experiment at Sardar’s School, Belgaum were discouraging as it regarded the experiment as misapplied and perverted.
A Scout Conference was convened in Calcutta. It was decided to set up an All India Headquarters.
King George V- the British King visited India
First Scout magazine – an official organ of the Boy Scout Association was published from Calcutta.
Dr. Cullen opened the First company of Girl Guides at Jabalpur – within two years many more such companies were formed in India.

The Calcutta Boy Scouts Association was set up and a Scout Troop was formed in the city.
The Girl Messenger Service similar to Girl Guiding was started at Lal Bagh Mission Girls School, Lucknow. Ms. Davies Head of the Institution admitted Indian Girls alongwith others as messengers and wrote a book – ‘The Girl Messenger Book’.

First Scout Troop was started at Bishop Cotton School, Bangalore by Capt. T. H. Baker and Major Pakenbam Walsh followed by a Troop at Kirkee (Pune) and Shimla.

The First Troop of Indian Boys was organized by Rev. Alexwood in Chanda, Central Provinces and was registered at the Imperial Headquarters, England but was later on disaffiliated.